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We don’t offer pre-selected packages like a lot of other shops do. Instead we sit down with the customer and discuss what the intended use is for their Corvette. Whether it's for drag racing, road racing, driver events or just a hot street set-up, we will find something that will give you the power you want at a budget you decide. So if you have some parts in mind great, we will fill in the blanks for you. One of the best things about this approach is that we are free to select from any of the great performance parts available for Corvettes without the urge to stick with one manufacturer and/or tuner. Give us a call or e-mail and we can start personalizing a package for you.

Here’s a 2006 C6 that we installed long tube headers on. There are many header systems available for C5’s and C6’s and we have found that the Smooth Flow headers from Melrose Motorsports are the best mixture of fit, performance and value. These systems include ceramic coated long tube headers, high flow catalytic converters, clamps and X-pipe. C6 kits also include 02 sensor extensions.
Cold air intakes, long tube headers, and a dyno tune are the first recommended performance modifications to any late model Corvette. Typical gains for these first three modifications are somewhere between 40 and 50 hp and 35 to 45 ft lbs of torque. To the right is a dyno sheet of a 2002 Z06 with these three modifications. The car gained 36.1 rear wheel horsepower and 38.5 rear wheel torque. Roughly 43 hp and 46 ft lbs of torque at the flywheel.

If you already have bolt-ons or just want the next step up in power, a set of heads and/or a camshaft would be a good way to add some more power under the hood. Here is a set of GM Performance Parts cylinder heads matched with a Lingenfelter cam. This combination added up to 431 rear wheel hp and 392 rear wheel tq. All camshafts are carefully degreed to make sure they are installed exact. We will help you find the combination that best works for your application. Give us a call or send us an e-mail so we can come up with something for you.

We have found that port matching the LS6 or LS3 intake is a good way to add a few hp without spending the money on a F.A.S.T. intake. On a head and cam package the ported intakes are good for an extra 7 to 10 hp. We carefully hand port each intake in house. The silver area is the material that has been removed from the intake below.

If you’re looking for a little different route to gain some power, a supercharger will really boost the power numbers. Here we have installed a Magnacharger into a C6. With a little help from a cold air intake and a set of long tube headers this package was good for 485 rwhp and 502 rwtq! We also offer supercharger kits from Procharger and Kenne Bell.

 If a head and cam or supercharger won’t cut it for you, we also offer a variety of engine swaps. The old saying there’s no replacement for displacement is still true with modern LS motors. With small blocks able to displace over 500 c.i. you can put a lot of motor into a small package nowadays. Below are a couple of custom installs we have done in the past. This is a Katech 427 ci LS7 that we installed into a 2002 Z06. This package was good for over 500 rwhp and 500 rwtq!

Below we have installed a ZZ502 crate motor into a 79 Corvette. Since GM didn’t build any big block Corvettes after 1974 we selected a GM Performance Parts crate motor to get the job done. Crate motors are a great value and already come with matched heads, cam and intake combos. This car runs a lot stronger than the 350 that it replaced. A custom hood and clutch cross-over shaft were needed to make this project work.

This is another 79 Corvette. This time the owner selected a Katech built LS7 for his build. This project required more packaging, besides the custom cold air intake, accessory drive, engine and transmission mounts. We also had to find room for the LS7’s dry sump tank, which was a custom built Peterson tank under the LH fender well. This is truly a wild set-up for a C3 Corvette.


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