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Once you make the change from street tires to R-compound racing tires the g-forces start to go up and the wear and tear on the suspension bushings goes up with them. Here is what happens to the stock bushings when pushed past their limit. The bushings begin to pull out of the a-arm. Our solution is to install polyurethane, delrin or mono-ball suspension bushings. Below is a set of Pfadt polyurethane bushings. We also offer kits from DRM, LG Motorsports and Vette Brakes. Other benefits of aftermarket bushings are that your alignment settings will stay where you set them and you will notice that your tires are wearing much more evenly.

If you've road raced or have done drivers events you may have seen the "high trans temp" warning come up on your drivers information center. Track days add a significant temperature increase to your driveline. Here we have a couple of examples of transmission and differential cooler installs that will help keep fluid temperatures down and extend the life of your driveline.

Above we have installed a DRM differential cooler. The DRM kit uses an electric pump that is turned on and off by a switch on the console. This kit keeps the fluid circulating even after you park your car in the pits after a run. The cooler is mounted where the rear brake ducts used to go on this 2003 Z06. You can also see the cooler switch neatly mounted next to the ashtray with an in-line fuse.

Here is another install done on a 2002 Z06 where we used the LG Motorsports pump and cover. This kit uses a differential pinion driven pump that runs as long as the car is moving. The pump is a 2 stage pump, one stage for the transmission and the other for the differential. Again we mounted the coolers behind the rear brake ducts where we can get the most airflow. In this install we also used a fire jacket to protect the hoses from rubbing through and from the heat of the exhaust, plus it looks a little cocky too.

When running your car hard for 20 plus minutes your engine produces some serious heat. We have large capacity radiators available from DeWitts and Ron Davis with or without a built in oil cooler to help keep engine temperatures in check. We also have stand alone oil coolers to further aid in cooling. This is especially true with LS7’s and large cubic inch LS2’s and LS3’s. Above is a comparison of the stock radiator on the left and an all aluminum DeWitts radiator on the right. The DeWitts has twice the cooling area and the all aluminum construction will last much longer under track conditions. This particular unit has an integral oil cooler as well.

In addition to radiators and oil coolers we also offer a full line of dry sumps. With the high cornering forces generated by a well set-up track car, keeping the engine supplied with non-aerated oil is a major concern. We offer accusumps as well as dry sumps for a variety of applications. The C6 Z06 can be upgraded with a few modifications or you can go with a full system from Aviaid or A.R.E. and tanks from Peterson or Lingenfelter.

 Rear wings and front splitters may look neat but are you really getting an advantage from the aerodynamics or did you just bolt something to your car? We have several options depending on your budget and purposes.

At high speed/heavy braking at tracks like Road America the back end of the car starts to feel light, Todd Zimmer had us install this APR trunk lid mounted rear wing to help keep the back end planted under hard braking. The rear wing will also help rear grip in high speed corners such as the carousel and the ever famous kink.

Geff Sawtelle’s rear wing and front splitter were designed to work as a complete package. These components are from ACP and are the same pieces used on Speed World Challenge cars. The rear wing is mounted directly to the rear frame cross brace and the front splitter is secured to the front frame rails and front frame cross bar. Here the wing is getting set up to be mounted to the car.

While designing the mounts for the front splitter we also made the front bumper assembly/splitter/undertray removable. We can remove or install the front end in under 5 minutes. In addition to the splitter/undertray a heat extractor hood is a good way to keep hot air flowing out from under the hood as well as getting rid of the lift the stock hood creates at high speeds.

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