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Here we have photos of a complete C5 driveline pull start to finish. Up until the C5, engines always came out through the top of the car. With the C5 and C6 Corvettes everything goes out the bottom. The engine is mounted to the front suspension cradle and the differential and transmission are mounted to the rear suspension cradle. A torque tube connects the two halves and here is how we go about servicing them.

We have made a stand for both the front and rear cradles so we can drop one or both if needed. Here is what the driveline looks like when it is dropped. The engine does not need to be disassembled to drop it out of the bottom, it was done in this case to find the cause of an engine failure.

When pulling the engine and driveline you can leave all of the engine accessories on the motor. You also leave most of the front and rear suspension on the cradles as well. Once the driveline is out it is much easier to work with.

Here you can see the engine/front suspension cradle separated from the torque tube. Once off, we can pull the engine from the cradle for service or swap the motor out at that time.

Now the engine is ready to be sent off to the machine shop and the cradle and rear driveline are re-installed into the car so we can move the car off the hoist.

The T56 6 speed transmissions in the C5 are prone to leaking between the transmission case and the tail section. There is no seal between these two parts only a layer of sealant, since the driveline was out anyway, we took this chance to reseal this unit.

With LS2, LS3 or LS7 engine swaps into a C5 there are several steps that need to be taken so the new engine fits into the C5 chassis. Modifying the motor mounts is one of these steps. There are also some plug and play wiring harnesses that will be needed to be done for the relocated cam position sensor, MAP sensor, and knock sensors.

We’ve installed the new engine into the cradle and installed all of the accessory drive parts. Now we reattach the torque tube to the bell housing and prepare to re-install the entire driveline back into the car.

Next the body is dropped back onto the driveline and the two units are now back together. As we drop the body we are connecting any grounds and other electrical connections that need to be made, connect the hydraulic clutch, brake lines, A/C lines and reconnect the front and rear shocks and upper a-arms.

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