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Welcome to CSI Performance, the performance division of Corvette Sports Inc.

Home of Geff Sawtelle’s 2009 NASA TTS National Championship winning 2003 Z06. Along the way to the Championship this car has set 6 track records including Road America, Blackhawk Farms, Autobahn (South & Full), Mid-Ohio, and Miller Motorsports Park. Geff was also the NASA 2009, 08 and 07 NASA Midwest TTS Regional Champion. This is a great example of what one of our cars can do with a skilled driver behind the wheel. We offer full chassis and engine services for all C4, C5 and C6 Corvettes and the occasional “Corvette” powered vehicle.


Such as Bobby Fischer's 05 CTS-V which took 2nd in the 2009 NASA ST2 National Championship race. We have worked with both Geff and Bobby to help them both get the most out of their cars. With in-depth chassis set-up including; competition alignment, corner balancing, cross weighting, and at the track support keep these cars ahead of the field.

Additional Services Include but are not limited to:

Custom Fabrication Data Acquisition Services  Head and Camshaft Installation 
Port Matching  Supercharger Installation  Brake Kit Installation and Rebuilding 
Full Driveline Service  Custom Cooler Installation   Tow Hook Installation 
Engine Swaps  Header Installation  Racing Harness / Seat Installation 

Below are some more examples of our work.


Here’s Jerry Onk’s #96 T1 car, Jerry unfortunately lost his motor at the 2009 Run-offs. We worked through the night to replace the motor and get the car done in time to make the practice session the next day. Jerry finished 7th in a very tough T1 field and was the top finishing C5 at the Run-offs. 

No matter the conditions we will get the car set-up for the task at hand. Here Joel checks tire pressures before a very wet run at Blackhawk Farms.


If time trials and all out competition aren’t for you we also offer services for the customer who prefers track days. These track days can be very hard on your car as you start to push the limits of your Corvette. We have several ways for you to maximize the performance of your car during these track days.

Safety should be your first priority at any track day. A high quality 5 or 6 point harness is a good way to keep you planted in your seat. To keep the car livable for the street we’ve selected Brey-Krause mounting hardware so you can remove the harnesses when they are not in use. We can also help you find a racing seat for your application if you’re ready for something more ridged and supportive than the factory seat.

One of the best upgrades you can make to any track day Corvette is to the brake system. This will allow you more time on the track and less time changing pads and rotors. We find that StopTech offers the best variety of braking options for your Corvette. From 2-piece rotors to full brake kits, these upgrades will lower the maintenance required over your track weekends. With Road America and Blackhawk Farms being our “home” tracks we’ve done the homework for you. Besides StopTech products, we also offer brake ducts from Doug Rippie Motorsports, spindle ducts from Quantum Motorsports, and a selection of various racing brake pads. So whatever your budget we will get you the components you need to slow down your Corvette.

The best “bang for the buck” upgrade to your suspension is a set of stiffer sway bars. We’ve had success with both the GM Racing T1 sway bar kit as well as the Pfadt Race Engineering adjustable sway bar kits. We have extensive experience with both of these products and would be happy to help you figure out which product would be best suited for you.

In addition to sway bars we also offer a wide variety of shock, spring and coil over packages to suit your driving needs from street to all out racing. We offer shocks from Pfadt, GM Racing, Koni, Bilstein, and Penske. Springs from GM Racing, and Hyperco, and coil overs from Pfadt, LG Motorsports, Doug Rippie Motorsports and Penske.

The best suspension components in the world will do nothing for you as a driver if you don’t have someone experienced to install and properly adjust them for you. CSI Performance has the expertise and equipment to do just that. We have computer scales, digital pyrometers, digital camber gauges, smart strings toe tools and ride height gauges to make sure you are getting the most out of your suspension upgrades and the experience to make changes that will help you shave off those last couple seconds.


Here are the results of cross weighting a C5 running a NASA competition weight of 3400 lbs. This weight is with driver and fuel. All of our competition alignments are done with either a full or empty tank plus driver weight to make sure the car is as balanced as possible. We have experience working with NCCC, NASA and SCCA sanctioning bodies and keep up to date with any rule changes to give you the most competitive car available.

And the results speak for themselves!

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